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RWE Generation Discovery Day 2023 and the relevance of Human Friendly Automation

Discussion on Robotics, Metaverse, Generative AI and Human Friendly Automation with Katja van Doren, Board Member RWE Generation, Anne Bendzulla Director at RWE Renewables et al
Panel Discussion at RWE Generation's Discovery Day 2023. Foto: RWE

As a guest speaker and founder of Human Friendly Automation, I was invited to RWE in Essen on May 16, Discovery Day 2023 was the event organized and moderated by HFA expert Marta Szpindor, Head of IT Business Innovations at RWE Generation SE and her colleagues from the Digital Transformation Office.

Impact of AI on labor, Human Friendly Automation, RoboDog, Generative AI, Metaverse and human work, RWE, Katja van Doren, Lars Schatilow
Marta Szpindor moderating the RWE Discovery Day 2023. Foto: RWE

The event gave exciting insights into the projects of the RWE Generation SE in the field of Robotics, Metaverse and Augmented Reality.

In a panel discussion with, RWE Generation board member Katja van Doren, Dr. Sopna Sury COO Hydrogen, David Phillips Head of Gas Asset Governance and Decision Support and Dr. Anne Bendzulla Director IT & OT and Digital at RWE Renewables, the relevance of new automation technologies and AI for the company was discussed. Katja van Doren also made it clear that the change must be based on a people-friendly approach.

As a representative for Human Friendly Automation, I was particularly pleased that the future Chief Human Resources Officer at RWE (from August 2023) attaches particular importance to the link between technological progress and employee empowerment. It is not for nothing that Katja van Doren is a promoter of Human Friendly Automation and a guest at the 2nd HFA Day at the Federal Employment Agency in 2022.

Technologies such as the Metaverse and augmented reality are used at RWE Generation primarily for knowledge transfer. Therefore, AI also plays a key role in empowering the workforce.

The HFA Values Charter is to form a basis at RWE in the future. We are excited. Employees can be happy that at the board level, the AI and automation era is to be done in line with Human Friendly Automation.

You can also find an exciting report by Marta and a video of the event on LinkedIn.

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